Empowered Peace Through Creativity and Sacred Expression ~

“A person who lashes out violently or aggressively, is a creative genius who didn’t have a canvas to paint on” ~ Matt Kahn

We are ALL creators, and healers

Tapping in to your innate creativity and unique gifts involves unraveling some of the conditions we’ve grown to see as truth, a lot of patience and compassion, and even more curiosity, courage and fun.

I believe that if everyone in the world had access to the knowledge and resources to consciously explore the healing modalities, education, and artistic expression freely, there would be no more wars. We are made of infinite creative potential.

Like the butterfly effect, our inner peace and confidence to shine ripples out and touches all we come in contact with.

I want to connect with you, in whatever way feels best. I am a healing artist and art teacher, 200hr certified yoga teacher, muralist, community organizer, educator, net-weaver, and all around joyful, passionately creative being.

I offer yoga classes, yoga and art healing workshops for all ages, children’ art classes, energy healing, body and menstrual empowerment, women’s circles, and private sessions. I have witnessed people create beautiful paintings and find reflection and growth in the process, shortly after telling me they “aren’t creative”. I have held space for women to tune in to the energy of their womb and menstrual cycle in a safe container, allowing for deep release and realization. I find an incredible joy an purpose in facilitating the discovery of inner-empowerment for others.

I love to co-create with other healers, artists and innovative beings. If you resonate with anything on here, send me an email and let’s collaborate!

What’s been tugging at your heart?

Have you felt a call to begin or go deeper on your healing journey, but don’t know where to start?

Want to explore a creative outlet, or just spend more time with your expression?

You are supported. I see you. The world needs your fully expressed, unique voice and gifts.

Don’t be a stranger, let’s connect 🙂


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