About Me

Hi beloved, I’m Leah Phyllis! I’m here to guide others through the spirals of internal transformation, to facilitate healing and embody their soul’s unique medicine and calling. The more of us on the planet living from the truth of our heart and creatively expressing, the better!

I realized recently that most of my family names are related to plants, which was infinitely satisfying. I’ve always had a deeply intuitive connection with our dear Earth mother. I was in my own little world with all the subtle sounds, sensations, with the silence and calm found in nature.

I got my bachelors degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution from San Diego State University in May 2017, and went on to take a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in August of 2018. I’ve been an artist my whole life, or as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt pulled toward helping, healing, service, empowerment and freedom. Toward community and peace. After graduating and embarking onto the quest of Life University I gravitated toward my original love for art, teaching, working with children and serving. I also became aware of my inner healer and began tapping in to my ability to self heal, and also lead, hold space, and help others tap into their own.

What I studied in school can basically be boiled down to people, and systems. As humans, we create systems, we love systems. Because we are systems. In our bodies, all systems are designed to work perfectly in harmony with one another for the good of the whole; every cell, every nerve, every organ. I now see that at the root of collective dis-ease and disharmony is individual dis-ease and pain. I wonder if perpetrators of sexual abuse would think twice about their actions if they felt more safe, at home, and empowered in their own bodies and humanity?

I hold space for others to feel safe in their body, to express themselves freely and create art to heal. I guide others in transformation through food as medicine, and I teach art to children.

I got a lot of dreams: I want to co-create a non-profit, open a healing studio space, facilitate young women in reclaiming the wisdom of their bodies. I want to paint murals for peace and change with youth, plant trees to serve regeneration, and get a masters degree in Transpersonal Art Therapy to help people heal from trauma through creative expression. I want to co-create an alternative school focused on earth-based consciousness, the arts, and child-led learning.

What dreams are you weaving into the fabric of reality?