Wild Womb Creativity & Embodiment

Inside our wise, ancient, wild bodies, lie the answers to many of our wandering questions~

If we can learn to slow down and listen

“The Pilgrimage into the Womb brings us deeper into life and love. We believe the collective awakening of the Womb is the medicine our world needs. It is time to reclaim our creative womb power and to restore the ancient feminine cosmologies that honor the sacredness of life and help guide us to live in harmony with all of creation”. Womb Awakening, Azra and Seren Bertrand

A few misconceptions about creativity run rampant in our modern culture, I believe; that it originates in the thinking mind, that it can be exorcised by reading more books, sitting in more classes, and listening to experts. That a select few special people are lucky to be born with it, and everyone else is stuck with whatever they got.

The essence of creativity is to be found at the root of our very nature. Every human being is born a limitless, creative being. Yet our educational system and dominant culture at large has led us to believe we need to adhere to certain standards and fit into structured lives in order to survive and be a functional member of society. These opposing ideologies can cause much frustration, trauma and confusion within us as sensitive beings. When are deepest nature is repressed and our creativity unexpressed, this may manifest as spiritual/emotional, mental, and physical blocks and dis-ease.

I’ve gained much insight and understanding of myself and my purpose as a human, a creator and a vital surviving member of an ancestral lineage through reconnecting with my physical womb space and my body’s rhythmic hormonal and energetic cycles. I observe how much this type of knowledge and wisdom has been shamed, forgotten, and disregarded during the last Epoch of humanity.

Do you have a dream or calling, a longing deep down to remember something long forgotten and bring it forth into the world?

Do you identify as a woman, or have a womb, yet feel a lack of connection and even disassociation from this part of your nature?

I’ve learned to access my creative energy through listening internally for the inspiration that moves through my body during each phase.