~Learning to live within the natural balance of reciprocity with nature, includes the way we treat and feed our bodies~

IMMUNE STRENGTH: Discounted immune-boosting plant allies and pure superfoods for the whole family! I’m happy to help others feel good and strong in their bodies~

Our bodies are a creation of pure genius. We have the ability to self heal and withstand most conditions, if we get the nourishment we need. In light of the current pandemic panic, a lot of people are feeling the uncertainty of the reality we live in. I’m sure there’s not much that needs to be repeated, and I’ve been feeling it very viscerally myself. As I am also processing what I need to, I want to be as mindful as possible in adding to the conversation. So for now I am simply offering modalities and resources that I use in my own life, that help me stay grounded in chaotic moments. Right now I’m extremely grateful for breath and movement practices, art, community, and healthy, organic plant allies and foods. These help me thrive, process emotions, calm my nervous system and show up to serve others. Life is change, and learning to greet change from a place of inner calm (without turning from the heavier emotions and fear) has been the greatest gift in my life.

Here is an immune-boosting pack I created for my family and friends on my online superfood store. All filled with nutrient-dense, pure and potent superfoods specifically for immune strength. Plants have always been here for us, and work harmoniously in your body with your cells to increase your natural immune response to pathogens. Save and share this link with loved ones, you get up to $50-$100 off your first order 🙂 feel free to remove/add to your cart as needed:

The products in here are intentionally chosen for their immune-strengthening properties, ability to slow down the replication of viruses, and maintaining a balanced gut micro biome and strong body in the months moving forward. I highly recommend buying enough to last for at least two months. Here are some of products included and their healing properties recommended by Dave Sandoval:

Biome Medic: pre and pro-biotic; first and only medicine proven to remove the harmful herbicide Glyphosate from the body (read more about glyphosate below). Regenerates and balances the gut (80% of immune system)

C From Nature: Most vitamin C supplements don’t actually assimilate in the body. They are synthesized from one fruit, and include unnecessary fillers. This C supplement is formulated from 5 different super-fruits and is 100% organic

Vir-U-Sure: herbal anti-viral capsule; only necessary if you think you may have been in contact with someone exposed to a virus. Stops viruses from replicating themselves and spreading in your body

**the pack also includes Ionic Elements, Kid’s Immune Shield, Epigenius Kids, Daily Core 4, and Aloe Concentrate all of which you can read about on the site through my link and I recommend looking into having on hand in the coming months. I also recommend our LOV Supermeal shake, which contains all the nutrients you need in just one serving (equivalent of 36 veggies, protein of 3 eggs, fiber of 8 slices of whole grain bread, and omega 3s of a salmon steak. Two-year shelf life, and loaded with immune-boosting mushroom adaptogens). It’s always important to get your base nutrition, which unfortunately most of our food supply lacks at this point**

Since people are stocking up on foods with long shelf-lives, I encourage you to be mindful of the companies you are investing in and what you are putting into your body if you have the means to do so. Processed foods and sugar lower the immune system; about 75% of the food on our store shelves is loaded with chemical toxins that compromise our gut micro biome, which is responsible for 80% of immune function. Investing in my company means supporting a small, family-owned business that places your wellness above their profit and sticks to very high quality and ethical standards, and delivers real, daily nutrition right to your door. Read more about this company below under Why Nutrition.

A Relaxed Nervous System!: Along with nourishing our body temples with high quality nutrients and all the other necessary precautions, doing our best to decrease any extra stress on our nervous system does wonders for overall wellbeing! A nervous system that’s in Sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze mode) is more susceptible to disease and viruses. When we have more time in our nervous system’s Parasympathetic state, our body is able to heal and regenerate itself.

Further down I share a few breathing and art healing exercises to help calm the nervous system; stress, anxiety and panic mode can lead to a weaker immune response~ It’s an ongoing work-in-process to make conscious decisions in how we react and respond to triggers. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for in cultivating a practice of awareness and connection with my inner world through yoga, it’s knowing I have the tools to come back to my center in times of chaos. Remaining grounded in my body is paramount right now.

I’m very aware of the reality that some people have a much more difficult time simply “relaxing their nervous system” due to things like deep trauma and autoimmune diagnoses. I want to offer a few accessible small steps to try integrating during moments of panic and stress.

~ Our breath is our most easily accessible and beautiful tool! When you notice your heart rate start to rise, or feel yourself moving into a state of stress/panic (shallow, short breaths, rushed decisions, sweating, shaking, are some other signs) I invite you to physically remove yourself from wherever you are even if that means walking a few feet away. Find a spot that feels safe and comfortable, where you can sit or stand with your hands on your body. Notice where you are feeling the most sensations in your body, and place your hands there, or on your heart and one on your belly.

Belly Breathing exercise: place your hands on your belly, inhale through your nose noticing the rise and fall of your lower abdomen. Start to lengthen your inhale/exhale. Let the breath extend all the way down into your belly. Inhale for 4 seconds , exhale for 6 seconds. Adjust as needed, just make your exhales longer than the inhale! **don’t be afraid to make some NOISE and really sigh it out! Let the emotion you’re feeling ride the wave of your breath and move through your body**

~ Another breath exercise for increasing calm; Horse lips: exactly what it sounds like! You know the funny sound horses make that isn’t a neigh? Sit up with a straight spine, relax your shoulders and hips. Relax the muscles of your face. Inhale deeply through the nose, and on the exhale, purse your closed lips loosely and let them flap like a horse as the air flows through them. This one is fun and a little silly, I do it all the time everywhere! A well-oxygenated body is capable of healing itself and fending off any pathogen.

~ Get up, SHAKE your body! I mean literally, shake your hands out, wiggle your butt, shimmy, make some micro bending movements with your knees and let any stagnant or anxious energy get loose and get on its way! I do this in the morning, and whenever a shift in energy is feeling necessary. Dancing is soul and body medicine!

~ ART! Art is my OG therapy, passion and a beautiful way to give some love to our nervous systems and process emotion. Creative expression is now scientifically understood to have massive physiological and neurological effects that can lead to deep healing and states of inner peace. So get out a piece of paper and some markers or paint, put on your favorite music and start doodling! A little art healing exercise I like sharing in classes and sessions:

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths into your heart or belly. Notice what emotions or sensations are circulating in your physical body right now. Bring into your mind’s eye a picture of what you are experiencing. Does it have a color, shape, texture? What does it sound like? Does it make you want to move? Hold that for a few moments, and when you are ready gently wiggle your fingers and open your eyes. Now, grab your art supplies and allow your hands to intuitively translate the experience you just had! Trust yourself, you’re a creative genius. Nothing you create is wrong, anything you create is good enough.

What’s also feeling real for me, is how potent a time this is to stay as intentionally connected as possible, regardless of the social distancing that may occur. We have the technology and means to do so! Reach out to loved ones, this is an opportunity for community-building. I’m extending the invite to anyone who reads, to join me in some beautiful virtual communities that I both facilitate and am a part of which have brought a lot of positivity and growth my way:

Tomorrow, 3/16 we have an online meetup at 4pm PST. This will be an uplifting space to connect and share resources. Here is the dial in info: download zoom app or join by phone, Id 707.548.9321

Wednesday, 3/25 7pm PST: virtual New Moon sister circle (all beings welcome);

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 648 127 259
Password: 442723

I also offer private healing sessions, free consultations and online gatherings. Visit my “1:1 sessions and offerings” tab to inquire. I’d be honored to connect~

Nature has decided to force us to slow down our lives, reflect, be present, re-evaluate what’s most important to us. This can be an opportunity to create more loving habits, that honor ourselves and all of life. It can be a chance to choose love over fear, peace over panic, care over apathy. To sit with our emotions, experiences, and inner state rather than run around and numb ourselves. It can be a chance to innovate and create new structures, new paths as individuals, as a society and global family. Be mindful of what you’re consuming energetically, physically and emotionally; viruses aren’t the only things that are contagious! An increase in compassion, community care, and inspiration can spread like wildfire too 🙂

Breathe deep, whenever you remember, bring loving thoughts into your mind. Try repeating mantras like “I am safe. I am vibrant and healthy. I am nourished and protected. I am grateful to be alive.” Be well, sending you so much peace, strength and care as we navigate this very human experience! We are all in this together~ May we focus on faith in ourselves and one another.

WHY NUTRITION: It all Starts in Your Gut!

My own healing journey is intimately interwoven with reclaiming the wisdom and self healing abilities of the physical body. I can see through my work and just connecting with others that this runs deep for all of us. Since I can remember, I struggled with an unhealthy relationship to food, eating, and with my body and body image.

~Peru 2018~ Beginning to unharness and heal my spirit

The deeper I dove into my healing and creative work I recognized how interrelated the health of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies are. We become off balance when one or more of these parts of us are blocked, undernourished, or over-indulged. This leads to dis-ease in the body, chronic illness, depression, a lower quality of being. From this space of imbalance, our channels of life force and creativity are blocked, keeping us from experiencing more freedom, ease and expression on a regular basis. And from just experiencing life to the fullest we can in the bodies we’ve been gifted!

The importance of nutrition, detoxifying from toxin-ridden environments and tuning in to the unique needs of my body became apparent when I returned from a 6 month journey in South America and was dealing with more health issues than before; hormonal irregularities, fatigue, bloating, intense emotional highs and lows, and an ovarian cyst. 80% of the body’s immune system stems from the gut, as well as 75% of the production of Serotonin, the happy chemical. Scientists and doctors are now calling the gut our second brain. So it makes logical sense that what we put into our mouths affects our physical, mental and emotional state, right?

~Green foods~ Nature’s physician

Well, I thought I was eating as healthy as I possibly could. Health is really like a puzzle, we have to be patient with ourselves. It’s a process and is changing as we do! I started taking more responsibility over what I eat, what I buy, and being informed on where it comes from. I didn’t realize how much toxicity was still in my body until I was introduced to the nutrition and detox program I now get to share with you.

What we consume and absorb, physically through food and energetically through relationships and where we focus attention becomes who we are. I want to make sure my foundation is strong enough so I can have the energy, focus and strength to do the other work I am here to do serving others and the planet. I’m passionate about supporting others in doing the same so we can all live our most vibrant and empowered lives!

Healing happens from the inside out. If your physical body is being overfed by processed foods, chemicals in our water supply and agricultural systems, and is undernourished by the lack of nutrient quality in our food….well, let’s just say the other parts of your being won’t be at their most vibrant state either!

WHY THIS COMPANY: Quality Over Profit, Aligned Values, Visionary Community!

I partnered with this 26-year-old organic superfood company after coming to a plateau in my own health journey, having tried so many different lifestyle changes, healing practices, foods and herbs, and supplements. Some things worked, but I never felt like I reached a balance. Experiencing the 40 day Transformation we offer completely changed that. After only a couple days I noticed an increase in energy, better sleep, no more bloating or fatigue, and a lack of unhealthy cravings.

The integrity of the company is unmatchable. The founders were at the forefront of the organic movement, adhering to quality standards before the FDA caught on. I joined for my own physical healing and spiritual/personal development, and because of the vision, mission and practices they embody.

Founders and owners Dave and Amy (thank you for all your incredible work!) are answering a deep calling to help people heal naturally from the rampant diseases and chronic illnesses that modern medicines can’t seem to understand and often exacerbate. They constantly invest the company’s resources and profits not only in uplifting their community members and partners, but in environmental and social justice causes. Basically, this is a company that puts its money where its mouth is. Our three pillars are food as a gateway to self healing and human potential, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship (plastic free by 2021!).

Biodegradable packaging! Heal your body, heal the planet 🙂

Eating a more raw, plant-based diet is a HUGE catalyst to bring the body back into homeostasis, so it can activate your own innate self-healing abilities.

The most powerful of these plants or ‘superfoods’ have been around millions of years longer than humans- they’ve been through it all. Some of those are blue and green algae like Spirulina and Chlorella, and the sprouted grasses of ancient grains like Barley and Wheatgrass. Aloe Vera is beneficial for a host different ailments, and tart cherry is the most nutrient dense fruit on the planet, to name a few. They’re here to help us. Science and medical research is finally catching up to what our ancestors understood innately: our bodies were created to self heal. Disease and degradation happens when what we put into our stomach lowers rather than enhances this ability.

Eat the Rainbow!

With these superfoods and supplements available to us from a source that is triple-tested by our in-house microbiologist for purity, is committed to supporting local, organic farmers, and are cultivated specifically to be at their most nutrient dense, bioavailable form, getting a nutritional upgrade and detoxifying at a cellular level is easy. We want you to regenerate and revitalize your wellbeing in a way that can fit into your every day life, so that you can go into your career and family and community and be the most vital and vibrant version of yourself. Make it a part of your self care routine!

~Plant Blood~ Nature’s Cure

But Really, What’s Different About this Company?

In the United States, the general population is overfed yet undernourished, meaning a lot of our food has lost its nutritional value due to overproduction and GMO/pesticide usage. 75% of all of our food, even some organic produce, is contaminated with a chemical call Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a main ingredient in the world’s most commonly used herbicide Roundup, and is linked to leaky gut and inflammation, auto-immune diseases and cancer, among others.

Insanely, the food with the highest amount of Glyphosate has been found to be Honey Nut Cheerios, my childhood favorite cereal and the typical snack given to kids by millions of busy moms. Fortunately our company has a Million Moms Movement empowering moms all over the US to take their children’s health back and spread the word to their community. We also developed Biome Medic, the only medicine available which has been clinically proven to remove 74% of glyphosate from the body within one month ( Biome Medic is a pre and probiotic, is designed to gently cleanse the gut while creating balance in the gut microbiome.

These products are safe for EVERYONE. Including pregnant women, children, and pets. Yes, your pets are unfortunately consuming glyphosate as well, outside of their control! We have a line of superfoods specifically designed for children, and some for animals, called epi-genius. Epigenetics is the study of the ways our environment, including what we consume, have an effect on the expression of our DNA phenotypes. Studies are being done linking a compromised gut with Autism, for example. Because of our superfoods and medicines like Biome Medic, parents have noticed improvements in their children’s health and behavior who are on the Autism spectrum. Check out some testimonials about this and our cleanse programs, and Dave’s heart-led Awaken Autism project below.

It really all starts in your gut. A healthy, happy, balanced gut micro biome is key to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. There’s a saying we all know in the process of making decisions: “follow your gut!” But what if our gut is compromised by environmental factors we aren’t even aware of?? Can we trust and tune in with our intuition if our body’s systems, the source of instinctual knowing, lack nutrients and are out of balance? We are in the midst of so many huge shifts in our world, the way we produce, purchase and consume food is one of them. Now is the time to take you and your family’s health back into your own hands. We have the right, the responsibility to know what we’re consuming and what it’s doing to our bodies, both negatively and positively.

~I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this movement~

I am here to connect, support, share, and be of service in any way I can. I would love for you to experience what it feels like to be in a state that is moving toward optimal health, rather than just dragging along, stressed and fatigued, drinking coffee to get through the day, relying on over-the-counter and prescription pills to put a bandage on physical symptoms. Yes, sometimes those are necessary but we have a wealth of untapped, innate self healing abilities, an internal river that is an infinite source of energy and vibrancy, it just needs the right foundation for growth and nourishment to be activated! I believe in preventive health rather than quick fixes, and self healing. You DESERVE to be in a state of true health.

There are so many ways to achieve more balance! In body, mind and spirit

Send me an email for more information or give me a call to set up a FREE wellness and nutrition consultation! You can also purchase a package which includes my other services, more information below along with links resources and testimonials. HAPPY HEALING!


Gut health and weight loss: From my friend, Grace Sea, “Almost 50 pounds gone. It didn’t happen over night, but most worthy journeys don’t. I made a decision to improve my health, via my nutrition. That’s where it all started! Not to be cliché, but I truly was SICK and TIRED of being too sick and tired to dance, to run, to hula hoop, to play with my kiddo, to hike, to make love, to pursue my financial dreams, build thriving community, and just live at the level that I am determined to live. Fifty pounds down is just a healthy side effect of nourishing myself well and my commitment to address my adrenal fatigue, depression, hypothyroid, restless leg syndrome, gut infections -(I had three), hair loss, bleeding gums, and extreme irritability NATURALLY with food! YES!…IT CAN BE DONE!♥️”

Women’s Health:

*PLEASE call or email me for a consultation before deciding to place an order! We want everyone’s experience to be as positive and thoughtful as possible. To explore our food medicines, visit: You will be able to use my referral code: LeahDreams for $50-$100 off your first order! I recommend the Core 4, OR 40 Day Ultimate Nutrition, for EVERYONE to start with in order to bring the body into a state of balance and ease into the lifestyle. If you have taken a look and want to learn more, go to my contact page and let’s connect. 🙂

1:1 Sessions and Packages:

WITH purchase of our Core 4, OR 30 Day Ultimate Life Style Transformation~

Free one hour health consultation

Personalized yoga sequences, breathwork and meditations

1:1 art healing dream session, OR moon cycle menstrual empowerment session


For a description of my private sessions, visit “offerings and 1:1 sessions” tab!


Resources and links:

Founder Dave and Amy’s AWAKEN Autism project:

Million Moms Movement:

Glyphosate research:

The superfood revolution with Ronnie Landis, nutrition expert and holistic healing coach, and Purium founder Amy Venner:

More with Ronnie Landis (he’s so inspiring and motivating I have to share!

Want to join our movement and start making an income and an impact too? visit our page to read some inspiring stories from people you might relate to who have transformed their lives financially as well as nutritionally. Get in touch with me to learn more 🙂