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Wild Womb Weavers~ Activate Creativity and Claim Sovereignty through Cyclical Living and Womb Consciousness:

Womban, do you realize the primordial, all encompassing, infinitely creative and magnetic source of the entire cosmos lives within the sweet bowl of your pelvis? And I mean both physically, and energetically.

Every cycle, we’re given the opportunity to shed the energetic and physical toxins we don’t need in our next one, to create space for more life.

As women, we are wired for pleasure, power, resource-full-ness and creativity….I know, crazy right??

I definitely didn’t know, until a few years ago. I’ve spent the last few years reclaiming this internal, and ancient, source of knowing and creativity through my own healing journey, self study, and education. It’s my deepest honor to be on this path, and to facilitate others in remembering their Womb Consciousness.

Are you feeling blocked, imbalanced, stuck, stagnant, disconnected from your body or creative energy? Is there some pattern you continually repeat that keeps you from expanding into your fullest soul expression? Let’s unravel that. Our womb can tell us.

In these sessions we move through my 7 Spirals of Transformation, the four seasons of Earth, and attune to the four Moon Archetypes we embody each cycle. We drop in with your heart, body, and visions.

From there, we can start to map and chart out your moon cycle, using a method called a moon dial. You will start attuning to your body’ unique messages, frequencies, and energetic shifts throughout each phase, and learn to live more in harmony with them. Creating, relating, living from this cyclical space.

When we learn to trust our body’s rhythms, and tune into the cyclical way of our being, we remember a deeper awareness and trust of the greater cycles. Of Earth. Of the cosmos. In this way we reclaim our harmonic nature, living in service and in alignment to all of life. We create powerfully from this re-activated space. It’s our birth right.

This will include: personalized yoga and embodiment practices for each phase, guided meditations, art alchemy, ritual, thematic cycle attunement, and recommendations for herbal and nutritional allies to support you body’s own flow.

We are entering a portal of transformation. Your inner Great Mother has the capacity and compassion to hold you at all times, through all the waves. The creatrix of all life that encompasses our entire universe, resides in each cell of our own being. Can we breathe life back into this knowing? Can we relax into divine feminine creativity and lead our lives from an empowered state?

I can’t wait to share this time with you. To weave and walk with you. As we remember, and learn to trust, our own power.

90 Minute intro session: $188; for a limited time, in sensitivity to COVID19, individual sessions are offered at $144

2 month, 4 session package: $708

3 month package, 6 sessions: $1,300

**payment plans available**

“My private session with Leah was even more eye opening than I anticipated. Since our conversation I have found a whole new way to connect with the different parts of myself through my cycle. She gave me language to understand my experiences and even impulses, as they may be. Thank you, Leah”. ~Amanda

Cosmic Menstruation: the Great Void. Our Blood is Magic

Personalized yoga & art healing sessions/workshops:

One of the things in this life that lights me up more than anything, brings radiant joy and fulfillment to my heart, is witnessing those I love and anyone around me, boldly and vulnerably BE. Be their unique, imperfect, creative, talented, wild and messy selves. Express themselves, open up to seeing themselves as a creative, limitless being, open up their heart to healing and deep feeling and community.

I began holding yoga and art healing gatherings and workshops in response to a mindset I’ve noticed in many people; friends, family and strangers, that they just “aren’t creative”, or “can’t do that, because I’m not __________ enough” (fill in the blank). I recognize this as a limiting belief that all of us have listened to at some point, I still find myself hearing the voice of my inner critic and sometimes believing it. It’s okay, there were times when that part of you had a role in protection or self-preservation. But that time is in the past, and continuing to abide by a mental pattern that tells us we can’t try something new, can’t create what we want to in the world, does way more harm than good. It keeps us from tapping into our innate creative GENIUS which we were all born with.

Somewhere along the line, someone said something or we told ourselves something that got trapped in our nervous system and overrode our intuitive guidance system that would normally allow us to follow the subtle tugs of our hearts, write that book, make that painting, start that community project.

I want to offer an alternative perspective: we are ALL artist, healers, and creative geniuses. We are artists of our own lives, we are equipped with inner guidance and healing systems that if given a little time and space to unlock and play around with can create ripples and deep shifts in our lives. By creating art intentionally to heal, we give our body and mind the chance to witness emotions and destructive patterns held in the nervous system from a bird’s eye view. We can separate from that experience and allow it to be released, and absorbed back into the light.

In my sessions and workshops, we dive deep into our inner world and beliefs around creativity; we utilize ritual, yoga, breathwork and meditation as modalities to bring the nervous system, physical, emotional and energetic bodies into a state of presence and receptivity to healing; we move through guided imagery to tap into the imaginal realm; we create medicine art intentionally to heal and unleash our inner child.

To book a 1:1 session, visit the link above to schedule a free consultation

Private art healing session: 90 minutes, $233

Book yoga and art healing workshop for your space or group: $55/hr

Soul Vision Dive: Personalized Art Healing Session:

In this session, I want to connect with you on a soul level. I want to know what your deepest, wildest, most colorful dreams for your life are; what you love most in the world; I want to know your raw, beautiful story. I want to hold space for you to simply unravel your soul to me basically! And from there, I want to create a CUSTOM painting for YOU to keep as a symbol, a vessel, a visual representation of your highest, most radiant self and reality we could possibly dream up together.

Art holds the consciousness and vibrational/emotional reality that artist was in at the time of creation. When viewed, we pick up on that vibration whether consciously or not and if we connect with it, it has the power to transform us at a subconscious and physiological level. Art has the power to connect us to the collective humanity, to the lucid realms and dream worlds, to the frequency of our heart. It has the power to shift our reality, both individual and collective. I want you to have this heART work as a means to remind the deepest, eternal part of you of who you are and why you are here in moments that you may forget. As motivation to keep doin’ the thing, as inspiration to tap in to your infinite imagination.

Email or call to set up a session, I’m full of joy to share this with you

Soul dive art healing session: 90 minutes, $255