Remember~ to Embrace Change

Trust the unknown. It’s where all of creation is born.

Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your womb knows.

“The human body is infinitely intelligent; it was created through the original blueprint of life, and it still holds all the secrets of this knowledge. It is the cradle of our soul, and a direct translator and receiver of all worlds. In every moment our body is communicating something to us, and these are messages from God” ~ Womb Awakening

I used to be so afraid of change and the unknown. If anything occurred in my world that threatened to shake me out of my comfort zone, my routine, or my sense of security, I would freak out and contract. I repressed my emotions most of the time, and though I had a calm and cool exterior, any little thing could suddenly cause a breakdown. And then I wondered why, during the menstruation phase of my cycle, I experienced excruciating pain sometimes to the point of being doubled over the toilet. After years of these cycles, I eventually began to realize that generally, everything always unfolded as it was meant to and that I’m a lot more resilient than I thought.

I bring this up not because I’m denying the very real emotions triggered by the immense and rapid shifts we’re experiencing at a personal and collective level, but because I’ve developed a relationship with transformation rooted in trust, respect, and curiosity. I’ve found this primarily through the wisdom of my own body, the true Mistress of change. The receptor of information and energy, the channel of intuition. I have an unshakeable trust in my body and her ability to adapt, respond and heal. I have the same trust in life.

That doesn’t mean I’m not feeling waves of anxiety, lack of motivation, sadness or overwhelm that can accompany such a massive shift. I am. Let’s be real. And, I understand this as part of the greater process. I allow myself to fully feel all I need to feel, I move the energy through my body, and give myself time and space to integrate and let die what needs to die. I open myself to the mystery of the unknown.

What’s on the other side of chaos and destruction? We can look to nature. We can look to the cycles. Nature gets jiggy with it, she’s strong and resilient and so are we.

I titled this blog “Remember”, for a couple reasons. When you break down the word, into (re) member, it means to return to an original state. What I’ve felt the most strongly within this whole experience is our urgent need as a species to remember our sovereign truth, and to surrender to the process of transformation. I believe that truth to be rooted in our interconnection with all of life, that includes our bodies, nature, and one another.


What I keep remembering to remember, is the wisdom and consciousness of the cyclical nature of our world. Of our universe. And especially as womxn, or people with a womb, our bodies. Womb consciousness, and womb/feminine-based spirituality and cultural mythology date back more than 300,000 years, with some evidence hinting as far back as 3 million years ago*. Read that one more time. Way, way before our currently crumbling paradigm of patriarchal religion and culture which only dates back about 3,500 years. Of dominate, conquer and over-extract. Constant progress and growth. Achieve at all costs. Separation. Suppression of feeling in service to logic.

On the other side of the spectrum, Womb Consciousness teaches us about our interwoven fabric of reality. That we are one part of the whole. That the suffering of another in the web is in fact our own suffering. That emotions are our teachers, our guides. We all were born from a womb, a portal of the dark unknown and mystery. This entire universe is born and reborn infinitely through the cosmic mother womb. We live and die by the cycles of life and death. And it’s all reflected on a microcosmic level in our very own womb space. In our menstrual cycle that follows the moon, the seasons, the cosmos.

“Though the problems of humanity grow increasingly complex, the answers remain embarrassingly simple” a quote I read somewhere, probably from a meme. So, what are they?

It begins with remembering where we came from. We were born from the very void we so fear, and we live on a mother planet that so selflessly provides us all we need to thrive. We inhabit incredibly intricate, miraculous, sensual, adaptable physical forms that are a perfect mirror of nature. And we aren’t in control.

Something greater, more ancient, more wise and infinitely more powerful is in control. And we are being called to remember how to co-create with this force. No, I’m not talking about the Illuminati. I’ve been down that rabbit hole, and to each their own. The universe, the earth, all of life, our bodies, exist upon cyclical, spiraling vortices of ever-flowing patterns. Life, death and rebirth. It’s more simple than we want to think.

The answers we seek externally are within us, because we are made of the very stuff of the great unknown that is our universe. And I don’t know about you, but I have been way overstimulated from the constant and overwhelming amount of information, perspectives, opinions, and attempts to explain our experience for us. It’s impossible to know which source to trust. The truth is, no one can decide for us what to believe. We have the responsibility of consciously choosing what version of reality we will focus our energy on making true. Because we do have that power.

And I’ve found that in times of change and uncertainty, my body and the rhythm of my cycle is my internal compass. She will point me due north. She can feel if the person or channel or media transmitting a piece of information is rooted in compassion and integrity. If I listen deeply, she will tell me what next best steps to take at each turn. If I honor her needs in each phase, she will provide me access to depths of creativity and alignment that I never thought were possible. This is a reciprocal relationship. As all should be; with one another, with ourselves, with the planet.

I always heard, “trust your gut!” growing up, but then everything I absorbed from the education system and culture told me to deny the messages of my body, and live solely in my intellect. Sit through endless hours of classes and lectures, follow diets to sculpt me into a trophy, and see my period as a curse.

Now I know my body and my life force center, my womb, as the most profound and humbling gift of creation.

I’m convinced that a new paradigm of humanity is emerging, led by a rooting back into the innate wisdom of nature and feminine, womb-centered consciousness and leadership. That’s the reality I’m choosing to focus on, and I can feel it in my bones. This doesn’t mean men are less than women. That faulty concept is done. It means we are in service to all of life; men, women, and everything in between, we all contain this primordial knowing within us.

My hope is that we can all remember to have faith in transformation, both internal and external. In the harmony of the cycles. This means truly allowing the depths of change to alchemize within us at the deepest levels. To shift the ways we’ve become used to relating with the world around us, with ourselves and our human family.

During menstruation, if you contract out of apprehension toward pain, you will ironically experience more pain. When I began to attune myself to my energetic rhythms during my cycle, and actually feel my feelings, I experienced less and less pain. At this point the experience of my period is incredibly, a blissful time for me. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a time where I get to pause, reflect, resource from within, and shed what I need to shed to move forth in my next phase with ease and clarity.

My body is always changing, and I trust her deeply to do what she needs to do. Can we find the same faith within this change? I believe so.

I believe our sovereign truth can be found in this body-based wisdom. Of course, our minds are powerful and necessary to critically think and innovate. And they aren’t separate from the body; there needs to be harmony there. If our nervous system and natural rhythms are out of balance, so our minds will be too. We can clear the fog during this pause by cultivating practices to bring openness, and grounded-ness to our own channel. By stopping when we need to stop, resting when we need to rest, and moving when we need to move. And try turning off the TV channel for a while too. Not to mention, it might serve your immune system a nice boost as well.

Have faith, your body remembers. Trust your heart, your womb. Your DNA holds this ancient wisdom. We are creations formed from the great unknown. There’s beauty there.

*Recent British research, reported in Burleigh Muten’s Return of the Great Goddess, dates the earliest Great Goddess figurines at 3 million years old. (Womb Awakening, Azra and Seren Bertrand)

Hi! I’m Leah Dreams, creator of Wild Dreams and Wild Womb Weavers. I’ve fallen in love with the ancient feminine mysteries, community-building, my ever-evolving relationship with my body and internal source, and sharing this work is my passion. I currently serve private clients journeying into womb empowerment, healing through creative expression, co-host women’s circles and teach yoga. I also have experience and greatly enjoy alternative childhood education, and offer art and yoga classes for children. Get in touch through my “contact” or “book a session” tabs, I love connecting and co-creating 🙂


Empowered Peace Through Creativity and Sacred Expression ~

“A person who lashes out violently or aggressively, is a creative genius who didn’t have a canvas to paint on” ~ Matt Kahn

We are ALL creators, and healers

Tapping in to your innate creativity and unique gifts involves unraveling some of the conditions we’ve grown to see as truth, a lot of patience and compassion, and even more curiosity, courage and fun.

I believe that if everyone in the world had access to the knowledge and resources to consciously explore the healing modalities, education, and artistic expression freely, there would be no more wars. We are made of infinite creative potential.

Like the butterfly effect, our inner peace and confidence to shine ripples out and touches all we come in contact with.

I want to connect with you, in whatever way feels best. I am a healing artist and art teacher, 200hr certified yoga teacher, muralist, community organizer, educator, net-weaver, and all around joyful, passionately creative being.

I offer yoga classes, yoga and art healing workshops for all ages, children’ art classes, energy healing, body and menstrual empowerment, women’s circles, and private sessions. I have witnessed people create beautiful paintings and find reflection and growth in the process, shortly after telling me they “aren’t creative”. I have held space for women to tune in to the energy of their womb and menstrual cycle in a safe container, allowing for deep release and realization. I find an incredible joy an purpose in facilitating the discovery of inner-empowerment for others.

I love to co-create with other healers, artists and innovative beings. If you resonate with anything on here, send me an email and let’s collaborate!

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